did you ever give money?\n\n[[maybe.|www.gmail.com]]
as you're about to open the door, you hear one of your roommates who, apparently, didn't want to go to work this morning.\n\n[[put on clothes over your underwear.|don't put on clothes.]]\n\n[[don't put on clothes.]]
you are delighted to have the opportunity to eat all you can.\n\n[[back to gmail|www.gmail.com]]
so many things to [[like|https://www.facebook.com/hoorayfreefood]].\n\nyou scroll down.\n\n\n\nscroll down.\n\n\n\nscroll down.\n\n\n[[down.]]
you go back to your room, pick some clothes to be worn, take a quick shower, put on clothes, realize your late and [[walk out the door.]]
as you open your browser, wikipedia appears as your homepage. you don't ever read [[it|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malnutrition]], though.\n\n[[open a new tab.]]\n\n
[[wake up.]]
everything is the same as last time.\n\n[[close tab.|open a new tab.]]\n\n[[you're not fed up yet|https://www.facebook.com]]
maybe for you.
you have [[a new email|new emails.]] from Donna.\n\nyou have [[a new email]] from the wfp.\n\n[[look at the spam folder.|http://www.menshealth.com/mhlists/7_strategies_to_satisfy_hunger_and_lose_weight/Slow_down_and_savor.php]]\n\n[[look at the trash|http://harvestpublicmedia.org/content/tossed-out]].\n\n[[disregard.|open a new tab.]]
it would go perfectly with those cookies you can see on the kitchen counter.\n\nbut it's not yours to eat.\n\n[[look for something else|take some food.]]
[[open chrome.]]
you'd be proud of yourself for eating something so healthy.\n\nunfortunately, it's not yours to take.\n\n[[look for something else|take some food.]]
it looks delicious, but it's not yours to take.\n\n[[look for something else.|take some food.]]
there's nothing that's yours to eat.\n\n[[go to work hungry.]]
you sit on your couch.\n\n[[open laptop.]]
hopefully you won't have to go alone.\n\n[[lock your phone.]]
you look at [[what they want|https://www.google.com/search?q=money]].\n\nwhich [[country|http://images.bwbx.io/cms/2013-07-18/mcdonalds-density31.gif]] would you [[choose|https://give.wfp.org/?step=country&lead_source=2013-wfp-billion&form_tag=2013-wfp-billion]]?\n\n\nyou don't want to do that right now. you press the [[return|www.gmail.com]] button.\n
you ponder about what to eat.\n\n[[cream cheese.]]\n\n[[milk.]]\n\n[[peanut butter.]]\n\n[[apple.]]\n\n\n[[close the fridge.]]
open your laptop.
you have [[one new message.]]
your friend is inviting you to a dinner. it's a new, all-you-can-eat vegan, gluten-free, carbs-free bistrot in chelsea.\n\n[[say that'd you'd be delighted to come.]]\n\n[[say that you'd rather not.]]
maybe you did give your name to that one guy on the street the other day. you didn't think he'd actually send you that email.\n\n[[get rid of that.|www.gmail.com]]
the sun is already up high in the sky, and its brightness forces you to frown your eyes.\n\nyou feel dizzy. maybe it's because of the cold wind, maybe it's because you haven't eaten anything.\n\n[[it'll be alright.]]
it's interesting all the crazy things people want to sell you.
you walk down the hallway and into the kitchen. your roommate seems to have retreated to the living room, from which you can hear the fainting hiss of a videogame.\n\nit's probably [[far cry 2|http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/17/world/africa/17somalia.html]].\n\nyou [[open the fridge.]]
the world food program's header is very blue. not as nice as facebook blue, though. there is a picture of a malnurished african child next to the un logo.\n\nthey gently remind you to update your payment information.\n\n[[you never gave them any payment information.]]\n\n[[you don't have your wallet.]]\n\n[[you don't want to give money anymore.]]\n\n[[ok.]]
you wish you could just eat that with the biggest spoon you can find.\n\nbut it's not yours to take.\n\n[[look for something else|take some food.]]
[[open your laptop.]]
type in:\n\n[[www.facebook.com]]\n\n[[www.gmail.com]]\n\n[[www.instagram.com]]
as you press the enter key, you think about how silly it is to go on the actual instagram website.\n\n\n[[get your phone.]]
the familiar blue ribbons appear on your screen.\n\nyou gladly [[accept]] the news it wants to [[feed|http://media.salemwebnetwork.com/cms/CCOM/7549-gluttony_man_preacher.630w.tn.jpg]] you.
there's always food in your fridge.\n\n[[take some food.]]\n\n[[close the fridge.]]
it probably has at least one valid credit card in it.\n\n[[wait till you get out of bed|www.gmail.com]]
you get out of bed, and [[head for the kitchen.]]
From: FREE FOOD NYU\n\nContent: Free Food @ NYU. Bagels for the Search-Engine Algorithm Workshop - 2:00pm - 2 MetroTech Room 10.099\n\n[[forward to a friend.]]\n\n[[lock your phone.]]
what is [[wrong|https://www.google.com/search?num=20&newwindow=1&hl=en&site=webhp&source=hp&q=nothing+to+eat&oq=nothing+to+eat&gs_l=hp.3..0l9.1195.3224.0.3768.]] with [[you|https://www.google.com/search?num=20&newwindow=1&es_sm=93&q=all+you+can+eat&oq=all+&gs_l=serp.3.0.35i39l2j0j0i20j0j0i10j0l4.479923.489501.0.490366.]].\n\n[[back to gmail.|www.gmail.com]]