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open sharing of teaching resources

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an open platform to share university syllabi

this project aims to address the lack of openly browsable repositories of syllabi and curricula. Currently, the curricula designed by educators are too often locked away behind the walls of proprietary software and institutional accounts. Despite the fact that educators typically own the intellectual property rights to the course material they develop, there are few tools that specifically support the open sharing and discovery of learning materials between teachers.

by and large, education is a field that thrives on open sharing and collaborative progress, and our goal with Syllabi Explorer is to create a platform that enables wide access to curricula.

this has been supported by a grant of the german Federal Ministry of Education and Research, via the Prototype Fund, and by a grant from Srobnne Nouvelle's Humanités Numériques program.

I did most of the development in Go, with the help and mentoring of Tobias Schmidt, while Pat Shiu built the front end. The concept, user research and interface design has been a shared endeavour.