my name is pierre and i write natural and machine languages.

i study the relationship between language and computation, and its political, social and interpersonal implications, with a focus on source code, software and protocols as mediating forces in human discursive interactions. if you're looking for examples, you can find publications in open access.

i wrote a phd on the role of aesthetics in understanding source code , focusing on how formal presentation affects cognition in digital environments, how we deal with meaning when write machine languages, and what beauty has to do with function.

the courses i teach span across interactive media, digital sociology and media studies; you can find them over at cosyll, a platform I created.

i also write various kinds of software, sometimes for money, always for fun.

here, you could come across both the brainiest thing i've worked on, the silliest, and perhaps the nightly.


  • | cosyll, a platform for sharing higher education class materials.
  • | dial radio, a worldwide playlist broadcasting station.
  • | thesis, a repository for doctoral notes.
  • | carnet, some loose notes.
  • | enframed, miscelleaneous webpages.