high noon

time without numbers

project illustration
a kinetic sculpture that acts as an alternative clock. taking advantage of FELD Studio's prototyping kit, this is an endeavour to represent time in motion, endlessly repeating the sun's dance. this design is focused on capturing time as a socio-spatial component, rather than a economico-functional one.

i've always been bothered by clocks as precise mechanisms. while we can represent the motion of the sun through very exact calculations, this doesn't mean that we have to follow these representations as closely as we currently do. high noon is a time-telling device that aims at smoothing out our understanding of time by providing a beautiful estimate of where the sun currently stands in the sky.

technically, high noon consists of a series of 8 faders that are controlled by an arduino board, repeating the same choregraphy over and over. the choregraphy itself has been programmed in blender, and then coordinates were exported via a python script; the whole process has been designed and prototyped by Torsten and Frederic at FELD studio.