virtual music

project illustration
nespole(); is a virtual reality application based on a song. it is an attempt at establishing a new way to appreciate music videos. the whole application is dedicated to underlining a particular song, eperienced in a three-dimensional environment.
visual design

floating points makes really good music. when i bought the shadows lp, there was something inside the sleeve that defined it as 'a joint experiment between sounds and visuals'.

shortly after, i started reading john whitney's digital harmony, and it got me thinking. if we have so much computing power, if we can fit whole environments in the palm of our hands, if we can modify sound and light at the twist of a knob, why should we settle with short movies with a desaturated color palette?

maybe, in the end, we will find something that goes deeper than a simple "oh, here is a color changing at the same time of a beat", and we can figure out a new set a of aesthetic experiences based on sound and music.