social content replacement

project illustration
noscroll is a google chrome extension that replaces content proportionally to the lengths a user goes to to consume it.

i'm amazed at how natural scrolling has become in our use of the internet. an index and a mousewheel, a thumb and a touch screen or two fingers on a trackpad can provide us with virtually unlimited things to absorb. not unlike semantic satiation, the more we scroll down, the less apparent the meaning of what we're seeing becomes. this extension is both a tool of self-help and a filter to decode what we're actually seeing. names, comments and statuses become interchangeable as they lose their time-sensitive quality. the older, the less interesting but yet somehow still fascinating.

the idea itself of a chrome extension as a provider of different perspectives in our browsing experience is something that i would like to see more of, in the like of abstract browsing, ghostery or greenhouse.

icons were designed by gabriel mester.