universal printed time

project illustration
TTY2020 came out of a desire to capture the first wave of covid-19 of collective temporal displacement—a time in which time itself feels broken. sitting by a bay window, a dot-matrix printer has put one character on the page every second, since its installation on April 12th 2020.

i made this piece with pat shiu during the isthisit residency about how technology frames our perception of time. For most, life under quarantine, has correlled even more of our public and private lives into digital spaces. abruptly, we find ourselves sitting in our physical confines, looking upon the world almost exclusively through digital windows. as days pass, time itself seems to fall out of pace.​

via the website any visitor can view all previously printed text, and enter new text to be printed, until the moment it is sent to print, all text is readable only by its author, so she drafts in private. to everyone else on the page, her input is displayed as grey blocks. every second, as the print head moves forward, it sets in ink each character in its path, rendering it public to all.​

second by second, page by page, an open record is produced. our timekeeper, an Okidata Microline 421 printer will tick on until we find our way back to the Normal, and its work becomes obsolete.