in-person digital theater

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the latest version of a collaboration with farid rahmouni, on smartphones as a theatrical storytelling device
technical director

Vertiges is the latest iteration of a series of works in collaboration with the choregrapher Farid Ayelem Rahmouni. This physical theater piece uses our ubiquitous smartphones to examine themes of freedom, constraint, intimacy and multi-faceted personalities. Entering the venue, audience members download a messaging app to their smartphones. On it is only one contact: the performer.

Touching on themes of class, queerness, seduction and police violence, a monologue gets sent as instant messages on the audience's smartphones. Half-modern day subtitles, half-modern day diaries, these devices constitute our research object, as we investigate what kind of narrative they support, and how digital media can complement live presence.

Vertiges had its world premiere at the Scène Nationale d'Annecy - Bonlieu.

I did most of the development work on the messaging application, the backend server and the lights programming, with invaluable help from Damien Dabernat. The text has been written by Farid and I.