strings of life

code short stories

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strings of life is a collection of short stories told exclusively through code. the story exclusively happens as told and read by a computer. a human reader isn't necessary, if only to read words that might have not been meant for them.
writing code

code is an act of writing. syntax, style, structure and elegance apply to code as well as to poetry and prose. as readings and performances enact the presence of the written word, compiling a program is the only way to bring it to life, to make it do what it does so well, to run. code, however, is just numbers and logic gates. code isn't born out of just the human mind's need for expression, code was born to count, to package data into numerical structures, and represent the world through them. the question, then, is: can you reach quality through quantity? can you tell a love story with numbers?

and then there's the part that i really like that would make people look under what is (re)presented to them to figure out how things actually work, the amount of detail, constraint and creativity that is put into something to make it appear seamless. it might be an elaborate communication protocol, it might be a corrupt political system, or it might just be a nicer story than one thought.